Hiya Sweeties, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the show, well at least enough to stop by and check us out.  You want to know about lil Ol’ me? I am old, older than dirt, and a few of my friends can testify to that.  I was born and raised in a little suburb of Fort Worth, TX, and still live there. I won’t say more, as I don’t want any of you psycho bitches showing up and stalking me.  I went to college a long time ago and got my degree in a field I have no use for, but it was something I enjoyed. Of course plans change as you get older and I am now in a career I never thought about and had my life going down a much different road. My partner, Curmudgeon Mike, and I have been together 23 years and still going strong. We love to travel and do it any chance we get.  Other than that my hobbies are reading, cooking, World of Warcraft, and reality TV.

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